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International Mountain Leader Winter course part I

To be able to guide you safe during one of my Trail Running or Hiking courses in the Swiss Alps I am doing the International Mountain Leader Course in Switzerland. And last week we had our first Winter Course!

During winter I still run but sometimes when there is a lot of fresh snow fall I will go speed hiking on snowshoes. But just as with Tour Skiing it is very important to know if it is safe to go outside especially by chancing weather and fresh snowfall.

So during this week we’ve learned all about safety during winter. What kind of snow types exist and how do I interpret the Avalanche Risk and how do I plan a winter route. How can I recognize drifting snow, how steep are the slopes around me and how do we use the Avalanche Beacon?

The highlight of the week was building a snow cave in case of emergency. I can tell you it is pretty hard work when the snow is hard, but it is also pretty warm to sleep in and can definitely safe your life because it keeps you out of the freezing wind.

In two weeks we will do the Winter Course part II and we will plan and snowshoe hike a three day loop around the Hohgant in the Emmental Alps.

I will keep you posted!!

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