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Where is all the snow??

Last week I had my final winter course to become an Aspirant Mountain Leader.

Merengues at Kemmeribodenbad

The course took place at Kemmeriboden- bad. A place well known for it’s huge Merengues and Limestone Mountains. We are going to do a three day snow shoe hike around the Hohgant, one of the huge lime stone formations. Inside, these mountains look like a huge Emmental cheese. A Labyrinth of corridors and holes, forming caverns.


The second day we start the hike. But… where is all the snow left? Unfortunately because of the high temperatures there is not much snow left on the lower areas. And instead of snowing it rained. Luckily for us we had the first two days still enough snow to put the snowshoes on. The third day was more like a Spring hike but was still a very interesting route. And there is always something new to learn!

The last day of the course we all had to do a smal test with the Avalanche Beacon. Within 8 minutes you have to find all three Beacons in a big snow field. Everybody past the test and from now on we are all Aspirants. Which means we finished the course and are allowed to guide and prepare ourselves for the final exams.

And that meant the end of the International Mountain Leader Course. A little bit sad it ended, but also very happy for a new chapter in my life!


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