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Summer Hikes

Come and join us on one of the summer hikes! Discover some of the most wonderful hiking spots of Switzerland. 

If you can not join us on one of the following dates it is also possible to book a private tour. For more information about private tours, please take a look here.

Min. Group size:   4 persons

Max. Group size:  8 persons


  • guided tour


  • Public Transport

Price: CHF50 pp


The lost valley Zermatt

Hidden among the history of the glaciers is the lost Tal. A beautiful walk, away from the hustle and bustle, with a unique view of the majestic matterhorn.

Date: Tuesday 09.08.22

Duration: 6-7 Hours

Distance: 11km

                 700 D+/-

Difficulty: moderate

Start: 8.30 Zermatt. Cable Car up to Sunnega



The Great Aletsch Glacier originates in the Jungfrau region near Konkordiaplatz. With its 20km length, it is the largest ice flow in the Alps!  We will hike in the Aletsch Arena and enjoy a Wonderfull of this natural beauty.  

Date: Tuesday 20.09.22

Duration: 6-7 Hours

Distance: 13km

                 850/600 D+/-

Difficulty: moderate

Start: 8.30 Betten, Cable Car up to Bettmeralp


golden autumn susprise hike

It's Autumn and the forest ist turning gold again! Depending on the conditions I will choose an area to hike in. So be surprised and come along on a golden hike!

Date: Tuesday 18.10.22

Duration: approx. 4-6 Hours

Distance: approx. 10 km

                 max. 800 D+/-

Difficulty: moderate

Start: approx. 9.00

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