I was born in the Netherlands in 1984. When I was 18 years old I left the Netherlands behind me and studied Physical Therapy in Ghent, Belgium. During this time I discovered the beauty of the mountains when I did my first multi-day mountain hike around the Mont Blanc with two friends. When I finished studying I decided to live in Guatemala and worked as a volunteer in a project for children with disabilities. Most of my free time I spent climbing volcanoes.
Back in Belgium I did a two year outdoor instructor course. I went back to Guatemala for two more years and kept on climbing volcanoes and had the chance to climb the highest peaks in Mexico as well. In Nicaragua I ran my first 100km Trailrun race and since then I just love it. 
Since 5,5 years I live in Switzerland and work here as a physical therapist. In my free time you can find me outside in the mountains. Running, climbing, high alpine, mountainbike or skiing, I love it all. For this reason I took the course as International Mountain Leader with the Swiss Mountain Guide Association (SBV) in 2019  and I am currently an Aspirant Mountain Leader. My next goal is successful passing the  federal exams and the acquisition of the UIMLA recognition.
Currently I live in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, a small mountain village at 1800m surrounded by a beautiful panaroma of 4000m high peaks.
Because I get a lot of inspiration and motivation by spending time in nature and especially in the mountains I would like to take you out here for a walk or a run as well. I'll show you the most beautiful spots in the valley of Saas-Fee and hope you get inspired and motivated by it as well!
Siebrig Scheeres
Some of the mountain races I ran:
Some of the mountains I've climbed:
  • Pico de orizaba 5636m Mexico
  • Iztaccíhuatl  5214m Mexico
  • Malinche 4462m Mexico
  • Dom 4545m Switzerland
  • Weissmies 4017m Switzerland
  • Allalin 4027m Switzerland
  • Alphubel 4206m
  • Nadelhorn 4327m Switzerland
  • Matterhorn 4478m Switzerland
  • Pollux 4092m Switzerland
  • Breithorn 4164m Switzerland
  • Mont Blanc 4808m France
  • Mt. Kinabalu 4095m Borneo
  • All 37 official volcanoes of Guatemala
Some of the trekkings I did:
  • Tour du Mont Blanc
  • Tour du Monte Rosa
  • Fletschhorn Trekking 
  • Tour de la Vallée du Trient
  • Stubai Hoheweg
  • Gr221 Mallorca 
  • 4 months of cycling through New Zealand and Taiwan