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Saas Fee Alphubel


Saas-Fee is a beautiful area to run and hike in because you are running/hiking in a valley surrounded by a magnificent panorama of 4000m Alpine peaks.


If you want to practice and improve your up or downhill running or hiking, especially on technical paths, this is the place to be. You will run/hike on a high altitude which helps you to acclimatize for maybe your next mountain race or hiking tour. 


Saas-Fee is for everybody who enjoys trail running and hiking. Whether you are a beginner and want to get some trail running/hiking experience in the mountains and/or want to learn some mountain running/hiking techniques, or you are a more experienced runner/hiker who wants to get to know the Saas-Fee Valley and get some training or acclimatization for maybe your next trail running race or hiking tour. Saas-Fee is the place to be! 


There are a lot of different opportunities from running on more easy lower trails to steep technical mountain paths with lots of altitude gain. 

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