Hiking in Saas-Fee

Hiking in Saas-Fee means that you are going to hike in a high-alpine region. Paths are technical, rocky, have loose rock and it can be quite steep. Sometimes you have to gain a lot of altitude to get to a summit or a mountain pass. We will walk on easy paths through the forest but the higher you get the more rocky and technical the hiking paths will be. 
Saas-Fee is at 1800m above sea level so you will start high. Routes can take us up to over 3000m so you may feel the affects of the high altitude. Acclimatization before is not necessary but can be helpful. Especially at the beginning of the season, June, you can still find some snowpatches on the paths. But in fact it is possible to snow in the Alps every month of the year and especially the snow on the high passes can stay there for a long time.
Be aware of the weather. The weather in the Alps can change very quickly.